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Velodyne EQ-Max Series

No other subwoofers in this price range give you so much for so little! The EQ-Max Series has -] at an affordable price point- mid-level amplifier power reaching down to the lowest frequencies, Auto-EQ function and remote control features found in more expensive subs.

Efficient Green Amplification. Velodyne's newly designed, efficient, digital eClass Df amplifiers nearly eliminate the issue of wasting energy as heat, keeping bass peaks clean and dynamic.

Velodyne WIQ10B

Velodyne Wi-Q 10

Wireless 10" Subwoofer Forward Firing, 195 watts RMS, 28-120Hz

RRP: $1,529.00


Velodyne WIQ12B

Velodyne Wi-Q 12

Wireless 12" Subwoofer Forward Firing, 225 watts RMS, 25-120Hz

RRP: $1,649.00


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