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InFocus Warranty Details

In the unlikely event you should experience a product failure within the warranty period please contact us with the following information to allow for prompt servicing of your product:

  • Serial number

  • Proof of purchase

  • Brief description of fault

  • InFocus Warranty Program


    Foxteq Australia Service

    Unit 1, 40 Brodie St
    Rydalmere NSW 2116
    Ph: 1300 577 321

    Australia Wide

    Terms and conditions:

    • If the defective unit is DOA (Defective On Arrival, within the first 30 days from purchase date) please contact the store from which you purchased it from to arrange shipment of a NEW replacement unit.
      The projector will be examined upon receipt by InFocus. If a unit is abused, dropped or has other damage caused by the customer, an invoice will be sent for the cost of repairing the unit without further notice.
    • If the lamp is defective and the projector is not covered by an extended lamp warranty, normal warranty terms & conditions apply and the lamp will be charged, in addition to shipping and administration charges.
    •  *Dependant on product: InFocus Limited 5 year warranty: excludes power supplies, fans, colour wheels, light tunnels and labour which are covered for 2 Year or 3 years dependant on the product.
      **Lamp warranty is limited to the specified maximum recommended lamp hours for the projector model. If lamp is replaced in warranty, the replacement lamp will take over unexpired warranty from original lamp.
    • If a unit fails after the DOA period (30 days from the date of purchase) and within the projector’s standard warranty, then the case will be treated as a standard warranty repair by the Authorised Service Centre.
    • InFocus Mondopad & Interactive Displays have a 12 Month Warranty
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